Dear you,

This week I was blessed with an opportunity to revisit a very special place here in The Gardens of Babylon on the ethereal planes. It is the place, Babylonians learn the language of signs. We learn to be aware of all the signs that the Universe or our Spirit Guide is whispering to us each day. Messages that guide and bring to you, what it is that you need to hear in that moment.

Understanding this language will bring you into better alignment with the flow of yourlife. Often on the Physical plane, it is only in our dreams that the messages can come through, in our sleep state when our busy minds are switched off that we can hear through the daily noise of our lives. The message often becoming dulled or disappearing completely from our awareness upon waking. Yet even ordinary events in your everyday life carry communications from other realms.

By noticing these signs and understanding what the message is for you in that moment is a wonderful way to be fully connected to the Universe and Spirit. Whether we are conscious of them or not, all synchronicity and premonitions we all have experienced are never accidents but the Universes way of nudging us gently in the best direction for us in that moment. Coincidence does not exist on the ethereal planes, as when you allow your self to live completely in Trust that you will always be provided for above and beyond your imagination, coincidences are a sign that you are living in accordance with Universal law and in the flow of your lives purpose.

To learn the language of signs, you simply attune to your surroundings, notice whats going on and open your heart and mind to receiving. The Universe will bring you signs in a myriad of ways, they could come to your awareness as road signs, words of a song or passing conversation, repeated numbers, or random encounters with people or animals. The Universe loves to communicate with us through nature, clouds being a favourite.

Some examples of how signs can mean different things to different people, for instance, a storm may reflect an internal conflict, but it can also indicate that the air is clearing in regard to an issue in your life. Seeing smoke could reflect a lack of clarity, or maybe there an issue you are not dealing with that's about to go up in smoke? Do you constantly find yourself stuck in traffic, hitting road blocks, needing to take detours or encountering crazy drivers, perhaps it is the Universe’s way of pointing out your subconscious state in that moment?

When you notice the message however it arrives, connect with whats going on in your life. What are your thoughts, emotions, issues in your life that may need attention in this moment? If you knew, what is the message for you? The signs may at first be delivered gently and often with a touch of humour, however, when we don't listen and respond we will find that the message is delivered in a stronger more direct way. One of the most direct ways the Universe has to let us know we may be engaging in behaviours that are not in alignment with our soul's purpose is that we become ill. For instance, a burnout is what happens when we are not heading the messages that you are physically stopped in your tracks, a crystal clear message that you need to change your way of being.

In the coming days, weeks and months ahead pay attention to the signs you receive and notice what happens when you change your way of being in response to the message you received. Focus your attention on learning the language of signs, reconnect with the magic of how the messages guide you to make the right decisions and choices in your life in harmony with your soul's purpose.

Cant wait to see you Friday at Wild as the Moon, where I'll be guiding you to charge your Chakras.




Villia de Koningh
Spiritual Mentor & Guide from The Gardens of Babylon