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O hey!
You probably ended up here because you are on the lookout for an outfit.
Joining us at The Gardens? Or maybe you want to start shopping for Burning Man? 
We often get the question what the sparkly shops are in Amsterdam.

Time to share this inside information... 


Emporium of Wonders

This colourful enterprise is home to our intergalactic sisters, Kris Mutsers & Lotta Isopuro. Incredible vintage as well as their own line House of Mulani. Clothing you can wear on any colourful occasion or take to the playa and back again.
Find their new favourable habitat at Tweede Helmersstraat 19. Where they have gathered a kick-ass crew of remarkably brilliant young creatives & change-makers that will reside with them in this new dreamy garage. Opened on Thursday, Friday, Saturday.


Mail & Female

Uh la la.. Did we just send you to a sex shop? We sure did! Find this extravaganza on de Weteringschans for an afternoon of your wildest dreams. Baby, this shop sells all the sexy stuff you need to make your lover blush. 

But there's more. You will most definitely find an interesting buy for you closet here. From affordable to "Blimey, that's A EXPENSIVE". Want to save a buck o' five? Check out their extraordinary set of kimonos. Open Monday to Sunday, so go explore!


Vijzel Vintage

There's nothing like Vijzel Vintage. We used to live above this incredible shop and as soon as we set foot in there it became one of our favourite places in Amsterdam. The items for sale are mind blowing. It's likely that you won't leave the shop with bags full of clothing AND a complete new set up for your house. Our favourite bit about the store is probably the owner, Iwrom, though. Step in any time of day and he will try to feed you wodka (or tea). Bemused by his eccentric being and don't dare to use your phone here.