Today as I sat by the lily pond her in The Gardens of Babylon on the ethereal planes, I pulled a card for the day. The card I pulled was, Judgement, and my thoughts turned to how disempowering being judgemental can be to one's Soul.  Here on the ethereal planes, we are taught the joy of a curious mind, and an open heart, that desire to know and understand.  A way of thinking that disengages with judgement and engages fully with acceptance of what is and allowing others to be who they are.  Which beggars the question ...

Why on the physical plane do we allow ourselves to be drawn into negative spirals of judgemental thoughts and emotions?

Have you ever seen this job advertisement? 

Wanted Personal Judges!
Job description: To pass mostly negative judgements, on all your thoughts, emotions, actions or ways you currently negotiating your life. 
Must have: The ability to undermine your self-worth and pass a continuous sentence of not being Good Enough
Place of work: Your Mind.


I thought not. 


Then why would you spend much of your life engaging with these imaginary Judges and their negative judgement of you and of others to justify your own disempowering beliefs and insecurities? What if I told you that there were never any judges and that this job simply does not exist either on the physical or ethereal planes.  

It is part of our human nature to be Judgemental so in a way, you may argue that its normal thing to judge. After all, we need to make judgements to keep ourselves safe and out of harm's way. But that not the kind of judgement I'm referring to. The judgment I'm referring to is the judgement of yourself and others based on your beliefs and your life filters. This kind of Judgement keeps you stuck and blocked in your personal growth and development. We all perceive the world through our own particular set of lenses polished by our beliefs given to us through domestication and our own personal experiences of our lives both current and past lives.

For instance, when we look down on others, in an attempt to feel superior we are really only masking our own insecurities creating division between our Souls. Let's say you see someone very much unlike yourself, and solely based on their looks or behaviour, you pass a negative judgment on them. Often you do not even know this person and yet that’s it, that’s usually the extent of your interaction with them. No effort is made to get to know or understand them, we seldom discover if our judgment was even correct or not. We manifest situation that mirrors back to us our own disempowering belief to be able to say... See I told you so! And so you stay stuck in your spiral of negativity. And you miss an opportunity to expand your own life experience.

What about when we pass judgment on people we do know. Let's say they behave in a way you did not expect, you get angry or perhaps deeply disappointed, even feel betrayed by this person. We jump to pass judgement, without giving ourselves the opportunity to find understanding for their unexpected words or actions. And that’s the end of it, the sentence has been passed, we don’t try to discover more, perhaps through communication, understanding we could find a way to accept what has occurred. Causing us to question our trust in ourselves and in others, which further deepens our own insecurities. Once a judgement has been made and sentence passed it's very hard to commute the sentence even if it's wrong.

How many opportunities have you missed to grow and discover something that may have expanded your life experience by passing a disempowering judgment and disregarding what another might bring to your life? 

But by far the most disempowering act is when we pass judgement on ourselves. When we engage with the imaginary judges we disconnect in that moment from our higher self, our perfect self, our oneness with Spirit and the Universe. Yet when we stay in our power and never allow another to change how we feel about ourselves, we remain connected with our higher self,  we are enabled to live our life from a heart conscious space, allowing us to clearly see our perfection in every level of self.  By acknowledging that at all times you remain powerful, strong and beautiful, you are then able to completely accept yourself and others without judgment, just as you are and just as they are. 

Then there is the fear you cultivate about the judgments others may have about you. The only thing you need to shift that is the truth that what other think about you is... NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Reflect on all the energy you waste on passing judgment of a situation, yourself, or others. It's an exhausting waste of time, draining your energy and causing you to feel incomplete and less than you are. Triggering all your insecurities, proving without a doubt that the negitive beliefs you hold about you are true however disempowering that may be.

Now when you let go of the need to pass judgement on yourself, or others and instead open your heart and become curious about what you perceive, you receive an instant shift in the energy releasing the pressure and you are free to be yourself and to live your life from Love.

Practice these 4 Steps to cultivate the release of judgmentalism

Sack the Judges and Stop Passing Judgments: If you find yourself being judgmental, STOP,  connect to a wider awareness. Become the sacred Observer, observe your thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Notice when you’re being judgmental and why, where do your judgements come from? Are they still true for you today? Whats your pay off ?

Be a Curious George and Find Understanding: Instead of judging someone for what they do or how they look, try instead to understand them. Put yourself in their moccasins, be curious, talk to them and see how you can connect to their story. We will never know the whole story, yet we all have one. We all have similar expierences in life we can relate to.

Open your Heart and Accept: Once you find understanding, find acceptance of what is. Accept yourself for who you are, accept another for who they are, accecpt the situation for what it is, without trying to change what is. Accept that, we are all spiritual souls on a journey and we all walk that journey in a different way and that's OK.

Live from Love: Love who you are just as you are. We all continuously evolve from the moment of conception until we die, so if there is a part of you, youlike less, thentake steps to change it, be the person you want to see. Always act with loving kindness. Loving yourself and others unconditionally will bring you greater happiness. Love you as you, love him as a brother, love her as a sister, no matter who they are. We all have something of value to bring to the table.  By loving others and choosing to express that love and taking action from Love we are empowered to bring positive change both into our own and into their lives. Trust me on this one.

While I can’t guarantee what will happen, I can guarantee it will be life-changing.


When you live life non-judgmentaly you find your life is less stressful, you enjoy deeper friendships, your life becomes more satisfying, and Possibilities become endless.


Blessings, Villia de Koningh

Spiritual Mentor & Guide from the Gardens of Babylon