Connection is where the Magic happens


An irresistible need of every one of us is to feel we are connected. Connected to ourselves, to each other, to the Universe and to Spirit.  When we feel connected, it's like we are plugged-in to a pure source of energy.  The magic of real connection creates a positive energy feedback loop of social, emotional and physical well-being We feel seen, heard and supported by who or whatever we are connected to and we experience a deep sense of love and belonging which is essential in order to manifest our dreams. When we feel disconnected, we feel incomplete, we fall apart, become numb, we get sick, we hurt others, we feel lost. Social connection not only strengths our the immune system, it also nurtures and increases our self-esteem. 


While there are many ways to connect, and many levels of connection, to experience real connection, has nothing to do with the number of friends you have on Facebook, it means being open to sharing the raw and unedited version ourselves. When you feel connected to others on the inside, the deeper the experience of a positive energy loop. The effect of this positive energy feedback loop is that we become more empathic to others, more trusting and cooperative and, as a consequence, others are more open to trusting in return. This, in turn, increases our level of Happiness. It is actually essential for our sanity to connect energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to others and to the Universe all around us. We are all spiritual beings, we are all connected. Having real connection allows us to see ourselves in everybody else, their happiness becomes as essential as our own. When we connect with our place in the Universe and our responsibilities to Mother Earth, our life literally lights up as the pure light energy of the Universe flows through us and out to others. We are enabled to connect with our soul's purpose this energy not only flows to you but to the wider collective benefits too. 


5 Ways to deepen to connect and expierence the Magic


  1. Your sense of being connected is created internally, the first step to feel connected, is to connect to your authentic self, accepting and embracing YOU, warts and all, acknowledging and changing what you don't like about YOU. Just be YOU thats enough.


  1. Cultivating a practice of Meditation is a direct way to connect with your authentic self. Through meditation, we can hear the messages our Soul has for us. Guided imagery has been used by many spiritual practices since forever. It is a simple effective way to deepen your sense of connection. To feel connected to the Universe, imagine a white light coming down through the top of your head and flowing down through your body bringing the light down to Mother Earth and back up to the Universe through your crown. Allow this flow to stream until you feel the process is complete for that moment.


  1. Immerse yourself in Nature connect with the amazingly beautiful, world around you. Lay down Mother Earth, connect with the support she offers, walk barefoot when you can, hug a tree, fine time each day whatever the weather to just BE in nature. We are a part of the Universe just as much as each cell in our body is a part of us.  By connecting to a plant, or an animal, we are essentially connecting to the universe. It really is that simple. The bonus for the Universe is when we feel connected and supported we engage in behaviours that nurture and support the Universe at large as we have an awareness that we are actually nurturing and supporting ourselves.  


  1. Affirmations are also a wonderful tool to cultivate a sense of connection, simply repeat to yourself at least 7 times a day, "I am connected." If you feel that connecting to something unseen is senseless, just give it a try for one month, once you start doing it, you will feel a shift, as you become aware of all the miracles that occur all around you.


  1. One to practice during ADE


The very best way to plug-in to this pure energy and connect with others is to find your tribe. People with whom you share a set of beliefs or a passion for a group activity such as Dancing. In fact when you connect with the healing and uplifting power of music that just makes your body want to move and dance with one intention of a joyfully experiencing a mutual freedom of spirit is a profoundly deep way to feel and be connected, feel whole and healed.


Here on the ethereal planes of The Gardens of Babylon dancing is a compulsory activity we practice to deepen our sense of connection.

I invite you to connect with me, plugging-in to the magical experience of being connected at the Opening Ceremony and on the dance floor of the Seekers of the Light at The Gardens of Babylon during ADE.


Lot's of love,


Villia de Koningh
Spiritual Guide of The Gardens of Babylon