Dear you...

Sitting in the Rose Garden here in The Gardens of Babylon on the ethereal planes, with the essence of the roses filling my heart with compassion and love for my fellow Babylonians, my thoughts turned to the essence of one's authentic self.

How many who come to seek to heal in the default world are struggling with a sense of imperfectness about themselves. Tormented by a belief that they are somehow not Good, Pretty, Sexy, Smart, Loveable, You fill it in................. enough, just as they are. Often in an attempt to compensate for these disempowering beliefs and the emotions they evoke, is a tendency to be someone other than who they are, disconnecting from their authentic self, their essence. Yet try as they might the feelings of being "not enough" only grow stronger.

The more disconnected one becomes from one's authentic self, the more dissatisfaction one experience in their life. To my knowledge the Universe has never placed a Job advert for personal Judges, they do not exist in the default world nor on the ethereal plane, so my question to you is, Who is holding the measuring stick and passing this judgement that you just don't measure up and are not... Good, Pretty, Sexy, Smart, Loveable, You fill it in............................. enough? If your answer is, "Me, Myself and I" then... What is your pay off engaging with this disempowering belief? Ready to re embrace your essence?

By working with the power of forgiveness we can reconnect to our essence and learn to accept that, as YOU are, is Enough! My ancestor Hazrat Inayat-Khan said, "Overlooking is the first lesson of forgiveness." Use this as a starting point to tap into the power of forgiveness. Find forgiveness for the you that judges that you are not enough. Overlook the confusion these imaginary judgments reek in your life, living disconnected from your essence. By practising compassion toward yourself, you will find the courage to forgive your trespasses against yourself and you will come up smelling of the Roses I am enjoying here in the Rose Garden in the Garden of Babylon.

Join me on August 4th next at Wild as the Moon, when I'll be taking you to the Rose garden in the Garden of Babylon on the ethereal planes guiding you through a meditation of self Compassion and Forgiveness.

Villia de Koningh

Spiritual Mentor & Guide from the Gardens of Babylon